Giving New Life To Furniture

Carpet Cleaning New Jersey applies tender loving care to your furniture, so you can come home and relax in a cleaner, healthier environment.

Keeping It Fresh

We understand that your furnishings are one of your biggest investments, so our powerful cleaning system is designed to restore and maintain that brand-new look and feel—whether your furniture consists of family heirlooms, the latest trends, or thrift-store finds.

Our friendly and professional crews are highly trained in manufacturers recommendations and warranty requirements, covering almost all fabric types—including silks, synthetic blends, cottons, velvets, as well as leather and suede.

The Best Treatment For Each Item

This enables us to recommend the cleaning treatments that are best suited to ensuring the longevity of your unique furnishings.

Our all-green, organic approach literally explodes dirt, dander, and dust mites out of every crevice and gently lifts it away, leaving your sofas, chairs, ottomans and other upholstered items deep-down clean and fresh smelling.

Our Five Stage Upholstery Cleaning Process

Better still, our five-stage cleaning process guarantees worry-free satisfaction:

Stage One

Because we know your furnishings are as unique as you are, our treatment always begins with a professional consultation. Our cleaning professionals will meet with you to carefully inspect the construction, fabric and style of each piece of furniture and recommend the cleaning method best suited to your home. At that time, they will address any questions or concerns you may have.

Stage Two

Our highly trained crew will carefully prepare the area to be cleaned, protecting surrounding furnishings and fittings. It will also use a powerful dry vacuum to remove loose dirt, sand, pet hair and dust mites. It will also pre-treat stained or heavily soiled areas.

Stage Three

Once the furniture has been prepared, our upholstery cleaning technicians will apply the most appropriate non-toxic, organic cleansers to penetrate fabric surfaces, folds and crevices. Although our special cleaners and extraction methods are completely safe for kids and pets, they are tough enough to remove even the hardest stains, leaving upholstery deep-down clean, fresh smelling, and nearly dry.

Stage Four

Once your upholstery is completely clean and renewed, our technicians will apply a fabric protector to extend the life of the fabric. This will also keep it looking its best with only minimal care.

Stage Five

At the end of every project, our professional consultants will work with you to conduct a final inspection and ensure your 100 percent satisfaction.

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