Getting Flood Water Under Control

At Carpet Cleaning New Jersey, we understand accidents happen. If your water heater breaks, pipes burst, or water damage occurs from heavy rains or flooding, we know how overwhelming the clean-up process can be.

24/7 Emergency Service in NJ

That's why our expert technicians are on call to serve residents throughout the New Jersey area 24 hours a day.

Our expert crews will handle your water emergency efficiently using our powerful cleaning and extraction equipment and environmentally friendly, organic cleaning supplies.

Extensive Water Damage Repair Experience

We have extensive experience in disaster clean-up and in working with insurance companies.

Our friendly, professional staff can help guide you through the claims process while our technicians restore your living space to its former beauty and comfort in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. We guarantee results!

While each situation is unique, most water-related emergencies follow a similar pattern. We use a five-stage process to minimize the damage and get repairs underway fast.

Stage One

Within 15 minutes of your call, an experienced technician will discuss your emergency with you and provide advice on steps you can take to minimize the damage until our crew arrives. He or she will immediately dispatch a team of certified, highly trained water-damage clean up technicians to your home.

Stage Two

Immediately upon arrival, a Carpet Cleaning New Jersey crew will use our powerful extraction system to pump out any freestanding water quickly. It will then also extract excess water from carpets, upholstery, and padding. If necessary, the carpet and padding may be removed.

Stage Three

Our experienced technicians will apply non-toxic, organic cleansers to thoroughly clean, disinfect and dry salvageable carpets, padding and upholstery. They will then carefully reinstall these items in your home.

Stage Four

The crew will then use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a controlled drying process designed to minimize further water damage or potential microbial growth. The crew will carefully monitor this process until it is complete.

Stage Five

At the end of the project, our professional staff will conduct a thorough job inspection with you to ensure your 100 percent satisfaction.

Please browse our tips section to learn more about the potential hazards associated with flood and water damage, or call us at (973) 685-2712 if you need immediate assistance!

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