Making Carpets Feel Better And Last Longer

Let's face it, when your carpet looks or smells bad, your whole house does too.

Carpet Cleaning New Jersey can help you reclaim those rooms you have been avoiding by restoring the feeling of clean, lush carpeting under your toes.

We understand that carpeting is a major home purchase that provides instant warmth and comfort. That's why our services are geared toward extending the life of your carpet while keeping it feeling and looking luxurious.

Bring Back Its beauty & Softness

Our professional crews are highly trained in complete carpet care systems that take into account the latest manufacturer recommendations and warranty requirements. We use all non-toxic, organic cleaning supplies that are 100 percent safe for children and pets.

Our portable hot-water jet extraction methods achieve a deep-down clean that tackles even the toughest spots, pet stains, and odors, while providing the highest-quality care for your carpet. Best of all, our service is hassle-free. All we ask is that you remove any fragile or valuable items from the rooms being cleaned. We'll handle the rest with our proven five-stage system.

Stage One

Our professional staff will meet you at your home or office for a pre-inspection and consultation. Together we will identify traffic patterns on your carpets and any problem areas where you'd like special care or extra effort. We'll take time to answer all your questions and plan our services around your concerns and preferences.

Stage Two

Our staff is happy to assist you in moving light furnishings from the areas to be cleaned. Larger items can be worked around and we will protect furniture corners and legs before beginning.

Stage Three

We then prepare the rooms for deep cleaning, including a thorough pre-treatment of all stains or high-traffic areas. When needed, a preliminary vacuuming will loosen material from your carpets, including dirt, dust, sand, and even pet hair.

Stage Four

We then use "green" cleaning solutions specially formulated to thoroughly penetrate all carpet fibers; this treatment is necessary in breaking down stains, ground in dirt and odors in a safe, environmentally friendly manner. This stage employs our powerful jet extraction steam machines which will gently but effectively remove any soils or materials from your carpet.

Stage Five

At this final stage in our process,we can apply an optional carpet protector - this will help prevent the recurrence of traffic patterns on your carpets, further extending their longevity and beauty.

Total Satisfaction

When our professionals are finished with your carpet cleaning, we'll help replace your furnishings in their previous locations, dispose of the dirty water in a sanitary manner, and tidy up after ourselves! We will then review the entire process with you to ensure your total satisfaction.

When you request service from Carpet Cleaning New Jersey, you can count on state-of-the-art equipment, environmentally sound cleaning products, and our exceptional customer service.

Our reputation depends on it!

We welcome your questions and are happy to offer professional advice.

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