Carpet and Rug Care Tips & Information

Between Cleanings

  • 1. Vacuum your carpets regularly. While most carpeting needs to be vacuumed only once a week, areas that receive heavy foot traffic may require vacuuming more often.
  • 2. When vacuuming, go in the direction of the pile of your carpet to remove soil near surface and then go against the grain to remove deeper, more embedded particles.
  • 3. Place indoor and outdoor mats at every entrance to your home to help reduce the amount of dirt and silt tracked in. Be sure to clean your door mats periodically to keep them working for you!
  • 4. Treat spots and spills immediately! The longer a substance, such as juice, food, or pet accidents, stays on your carpet the more it can penetrate deeply into the fibers.
  • 5. Move your furniture occasionally to prevent the carpet from wearing or soiling in area that get heavy traffic.

When Accidents Happen

  • 1. Remove any solid materials, like pieces of food, immediately.
  • 2. Place a clean, white cloth over the area to absorb as much liquid as possible (dyed or colored cloth may bleed onto carpet).
  • 3. Spray spot remover or carpet cleanser directly on the area until it is wet.
  • 4. Let the spot remover or cleanser stand for one to three minutes so it can loosen any dirt or spill particles and absorb into the affected fibers.
  • 5. Using a clean, white cloth, gently lift the spot, starting at the edges of the affected area and wiping toward the center. Repeat applying spot remover and cleaning the area as needed.
  • 6. Once the area is clean, blot it again using a clean, white cloth to absorb any remaining moisture.

Vacuum Cleaners

Carpet Cleaning New Jersey recommends using a good vacuum cleaner. Your carpeting is a major investment, and the less expensive models tend to pick up only surface dirt, which is not sufficient to prolong the life and beauty of your carpeting over time.


Always test your carpet for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area before using spot removers, carpet cleansers, or before placing area rugs on top of your carpeting.

Area Rugs

Vacuum the underside of area rugs periodically to remove any loose dirt that may filter through the rug fibers on top

Professional Cleaning

While regular vacuuming is an effective way to remove most of the soil, sand, and dust that gets tracked onto on your carpets, professional cleaning about once every 12-24 months is also needed to remove oily, sticky substances, including cooking vapors, that also accumulate on your carpet. These oily substances actually attract dirt and break down your carpet fibers, causing them to look dull and worn.

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