Your Carpet Renewed - And made to Last Longer!

Get those buckles out with a professional restretching! Whether the cause is improper installation, humidity, or just years of wear and tear, your carpets can end up with unsightly ripples and bumps. Don't trip, call us!

Our expert carpet repair technicians will restretch, cut and reseam your wall to wall carpeting to a taught, secure tightness.

Your flat, power stretched carpet will not only look more beautiful in your home, but will wear less and last longer.

Mending Your Minor or Major Repairs

Give us a call for patch repair on carpets with burns, stains that won't come out or pet damaged areas. If you don't have extra carpet, we can always use a small piece from your closet or under your radiator.

We can also reinstall and/or re-seam loose carpeting or remove old carpeting and install new carpet for a fresh, new look!

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